Updated 14-04-17.

ÅGL-Logistik is a third party logistics company that rents storage space to companies and helps with the unloading / loading of goods, with you or with us, we can also help with reloading for various shippers if required.
We dispose of cold and warm layers to stocking your goods in the best way.
We have staff on site for quick handling of your goods for a possible shipment to your customer, or to receive your goods if you are not available or have space limitations.
If required, we also help to arrange transportation to and from our warehouse.
With our fleet of vehicles, we can handle different kinds of transport, construction, loading, unloading, sweeping of industrial plots / roads, snow removal, sanding and more.


WGS 84: N 57° 10.001', E 15° 21.812' | RT90 X: 6337930, Y: 1473277 | SWEREF99: 6335999, 521985